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i am a jewelry maker trained in the craft of hand fabrication, mold making and casting. my current body of work includes one of a kind pieces made mostly from up-cycled silverware and recycled materials. i am inspired by old worn metals and have long been interested in the art of reuse.

my artistic vision is one of sustainability. i deliberately choose to make jewelry that is uniquely repurposed and therefore, environmentally friendly. I focus on using specifically vintage silver-plated or sterling flatware to create my work. this form of recycling often referred to as "up-cycling" or reusing, is higher up the pyramid of generating the minimum amount of waste.



AS A MAKER, I LOVE USING MY CREATIVITY TO TAKE AN OLD "END-OF-LIFE" PRODUCT AND CREATE NEW, INTERESTING, WEARABLE WORK. As an exciting byproduct of choosing to work with these specific mediums, I’ve uncovered a process of etching one-of-a-kind hand drawn designs onto metals using Just salt water and electricity.

In the making of my jewelry, I wish to convey a message that inspires others to “waste not, want not”. My hope as a maker is To bring both joy and inspired satisfaction to the sensible consumer.


Liz P. Jewelry
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